When the lines between black and white blur you meet two criminals doing everything to keep their love and family alive.


Both their lives are dangerous, being together could bring war and destruction all around them. 


Mia met Diego in London and for the first time had feelings for something other than her company and business ventures. When they meet again in New York months later, they get to know who they really are, as secrets are revealed. 


Mia tries to stay away from Diego as the weight of an entire nation is pressing down on her shoulders, while Diego is adamant to try and make their relationship work.


Soon she realizes that her relationship with Diego is the least of her problems as the nation she is trying to protect, starts to crumble all around her. 


How far will she go to protect those she loves?

Release date: 19 September 2019


Book two of The Blazed Trilogy

The story of Mia and Diego continues.

After two years of running Mia finds herself back in the arms of Diego. Two years have changed them both and the tension rises with secrets being revealed and a war on the rise.


While they try and rekindle what has been broken and lost, Mia struggles with her own internal battles that have scarred her both inside and out.





Release date: 30th June 2020