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Hope is never lost

Sometimes events can change you for life. Loss brings hope, hate brings love and sometimes death brings life.

Everyone refers to difficult times as "storms", I have come to learn that difficult times look nothing like a storm. It looks like a thin trail in a forest, the dense greenery blocking your view from what is ahead and a thick fog hugging you from all sides. You are lost, you can only see a few steps ahead of you and you contemplate whether to move or to wait for the fog to clear up. Yet, life waits for no-one. Life goes on.

You want to kick and scream at those who walk past you while you feel like your stuck and the quicksand is slowly pulling you down. Your voice is nothing but a broken whisper, you plight not heard as if those who past you are deaf and blind.

We've all probably felt like this in life, some more than others and the only way out is to move forward. One painful step after the other. They say time is money, I say time is effort. It takes time to heal, time to adjust, time to also takes effort to heal, effort to adjust and effort to grow.

You can't expect great change without great effort.

Yes, great effort, but how much effort is enough? Well, any amount you can conjure up! Doing anything is better than doing nothing. Take baby steps, bloody hell crawl if you must, but do something.

If you're at a dark place now, don't be afraid, be honest and talk to someone- you'd be surprised to know how many people care. If nobody listens to you, feel free to post about your thoughts on the Member's Forum and I'll be your person. I don't promise to have the best of advice, but I promise to listen.

Humanity needs to learn sympathy and basic human understanding. We have become careless creatures towards our own species. A small change, is still change, so please don't ever be afraid to show emotion or talk about your thoughts.

You are loved

You are beautiful


Much Love


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