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An open letter to you...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Dear you

Why? Why are you punishing yourself so much? Why do you doubt in all the magical abilities that you possess? Why do you break yourself into nothing more than a pile of dust?

You've been through so much, sweet soul. I know how badly you just want to break through those massive cracks in your heart and sink into the dark hole that keeps chanting your name. Maybe it's because over time you've come to know the voice that's trying to draw you into that void that lingers in your mind, or maybe it's because you can't remember the time you saw the bright light shimmering above you.

Can't you remember that feeling of being free, of being happy for absolutely no reason other than the fact that the sun is shining? Can't you remember the days where you smiled to yourself in the mirror because you had hope for what lies ahead? Can't you remember how it feels to breath again?

It's okay, you know? It's okay to cry. It's okay to scream in your pillow at night, or run to the bathroom because you don't want people around you to see the essence of your light flowing down your cheeks. It's okay not to be okay.

All I'm asking is that you not give up hope. Hold onto that shimmering light, even if the memory is but a blur now. Push, dear soul, push until you somehow get wings to fly away from that dark pit of lies and despair. It might hurt when you grow your might rip you apart for a while, but what beautiful wings they will be for bringing you home.

Can't you see how beautiful your future is? Can't you see how precious you are to me? Can't you see that you outweigh the earth's riches in worth? Can't you feel the rain as the clouds weep from missing you up there in the sun where you belong?

With darkness comes blindness. You.are.blind! Blind to every little leaf waving for you in the wind. Blind to every pebble beneath your feet pushing you out of that quicksand. Blind to the bright lights shining for you, giving you a guide towards a patch of sunlight.

The voice is chanting so loudly that you have now become deaf. Deaf to the songs of promise that the birds sing in the morning. Deaf to the thunder raging because of the pressure that is building up inside you. Deaf to the roaring of voices giving you love and praise. Deaf to your own voice.

Don't, don't lose your own voice. Scream until your throat bleeds. Shout your wishes to the wind.

Cuss at the chanting voice. Rumble all your thoughts until the sound waves cause a tsunami so large that it washes the darkness away.

You've been through a lot, yes, but you've been through enough. No more will that dark pit scream your name with the promise of solace. No more will the darkness cast a white sheen over your eyes, because the sun will shine on you again. No more will you be deaf because your voice will finally make the chanter hush to nothing but a whisper. No more will you sink, because even with broken wings, you will fly.

You've always been free, you just don't know that you are stronger than the cage you're in.

You are LOVED.

Loved beyond any measure, no matter how big.


Your soul is so stunning that nothing could ever taint it.

You are ENOUGH.

You're enough for this world, you're enough for this life, you're more than enough for me.


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