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A Surprise

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After delaying it due to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have decided to publish it on 30 June 2020. This decision wasn't made lightly as I'm still concerned about so many things revolving around the time we all live in now, but with most of us being stuck inside I know the importance of an outlet.

Many of you have asked for the publication, many of you have been waiting patiently since everything happened last year, and I just want to say thank you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have finished the book, I wouldn't have written Dear Archie and I wouldn't be the author I am today.

You might be wondering what you can expect in the second book of The Blazed Trilogy and all I can say is prepare yourself. I cried numerous times writing it, so you might get a bit emotional. You might see that my writing style has changed a tad bit, but this is what happens when you write, you learn.

I know Mia isn't everyone's favorite character, and you might even dislike her more at the beginning of Disarmed, but don't throw the book to the wall just yet. Mia goes through some major character development in this book. I believe that she finds herself in this book...or finds who she needs to be.

Okay, enough blabbering, I might give a spoiler. I'm beyond excited to share with you the rest of Mia and Diego's story!

PS: I'll be blogging a bit more.

Much love


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