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Death isn't the end. Death for those left behind is just the beginning of an unwanted turn in their journey. Death is never easy, but it's inevitable. 


For Elle, all these things were a painstaking truth as she lost her husband just a few years after their wedding. The only way she could cope was to hold on as tight as she could, even if she got hurt in the process. 


When Elle meets Greyson on her way to Iceland, she is given hope of living a life without the tormenting faces of her past. What she didn't expect was for this stranger to become a tormenting face of what her future could be. 


With all the things laying heavy on her heart, she turns to the one person who has always been there even in death. Writing to Archie, she hopes to find answers in the many questions that linger in her mind. 


Will Elle be able to finally accept her reality or would she become a slave to the fantasy that plays on in her head? 

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